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2 December 2015, 7 pm at the Bluebird Restaraunt, 19 N Main, Logan, UT. More details will be at Cote du Ciel Birthday Dinner as they are available. Contact Sir Bart for more info.

    Still working out the food details, but I think all of you are going to like the venue. It's a quaint room just off the main space on the first floor, and perfect for the kind of revelry we enjoy. I'll be looking for a few entertainment acts or presentations (short and light-hearted please) to punctuate the evening. This will be a time to say "thank you" to some of our out-going officers and to install some of our new ones. If there are any "awards" (not in the sense of kingdom awards) to give out, please let me know ahead of time Funny is good.
    - Sir Bart
For many years, Shire Birthday was an event in December where we chose our Shire Champions. Begining in 2013, we will not have an event for Birthday. Beginning in 2014, Heavy, Rapier, Bard, and A&S championships will be held at the Feast of St. Pyr, and Archery and Thrown Weapons championships will be held at Harvest War.

This page will remain here so people will be able to find information about any revels/holiday parties we may have instead.

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